Participating in a class is an educational experience and not an opportunity for future employment.


At The Actors' Loft, our mission is to bring casting directors, agents, and actors together into a mutually beneficial working relationship, creating an atmosphere where the barriers are removed and actors and industry leaders are on equal footing. Actors are empowered, and industry leaders are exposed to new talent.

We provide a variety of classes to help you hone your performance skills and get you exposed to the industry. We put the actor first and foremost in an atmosphere that is supportive of each individual's creative process. The time and care that goes into planning a class is done with the actor in mind so that they will have the best experience possible.

The industry leaders that teach and observe classes at The Actors' Loft are of the same philosophy: mutual respect and care for the process produces the best work a person can deliver. This atmosphere builds camaraderie among our New York family of actors—something we like in our house. Casting directors and agents call in students regularly after having seen them in our classes. All classes are held in Midtown Manhattan.

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