Class Format

Actors will arrive at 6 pm and run through their song(s) alone with the accompanist. Agents will arrive at 7 pm. Actors will reenter the room one at a time in the same order they rehearsed, presenting their material to the Agents. Agents will fill out feedback forms on each performer during and just after each performance. After all performers have been seen, everyone will reenter the room for a Q & A and feedback forms will be distributed. 

Each song is an audition cut of approximately 32 bars and monologues should be no more than 1 minute. Each actor may do either 2 contrasting songs or 1 song and a monologue.

Next Agent Panel 

Nicole Wichinsky - Stewart Talent

Nicole Wichinsky (STEWART) is new to Stewart Talent, but has 15 years of representation experience. Nicole has Bachelor’s degrees in Film and Theatre and a Master’s degree in Educational Theatre. Her education and background in acting, directing, and casting give her the solid tools to represent clients in theatre, film, and television. Stewart Talent has clients working regularly in television and film, as well as appearing in leading roles on Broadway and in theatres across the country. Nicole has taught classes in improvisation, acting, and audition technique, and loves finding and developing exciting, new talent. 

Jenna Winnett, Judy Boals Inc.
Jenna Winnett is a legit agent at Judy Boals Inc in NYC. She graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2008 with a BA in Theater Performance and Arts Administration. She studied Meisner under Stephen McKinley Henderson (Lincoln and The Newsroom) and Greg Natale. Jenna studied Stand up and Improv comedy under Oliver Double at Kent University in Canterbury England and has studied with UCB and Second City Improv. She joined Judy Boals Inc. in early 2011 as an intern and quickly moved up to assistant, to Jr agent in less than a year and is now co-running the TV/ Film Department as a Franchised Agent. Judy Boals Inc. is a legit talent and literary agency with clients currently working on Broadway and National tours as well as TV and film. Currently Jenna has clients on television series such as;Dietland, Legacies, Quantico Blue Bloods, Law and Order: SVU, , Elementary, Blacklist, and Bull. And on Broadway in: Summer, Straight White Men, Aladdin ant The Prom Musical. Judy Boals Inc. is looking for diverse actors interested in stage and screen work.

Pete Kaiser - The Talent House

After many years as the premiere theatrical agency in Toronto, The Talent House expanded to the New York market,opening a new set of doors in 1999. Since coming on board to run the NY office in 2008, The Talent House NY has evolved into a competitive boutique legit talent agency in its own right.Pete handles film, television and theatre with clients working in all areas.The Talent House represents a small, selective list of emerging and established actors.

Ashley Landay - KMR Talent

Ashley Landay is thrilled to be an agent in the New York office of KMR. Born in Texas and raised in Colorado she found herself pinging between the two states her whole life.After her time in undergrad at Southern Methodist University in Dallas she unexpectedly found herself back in Colorado for graduate school,studying at the National Theatre Conservatory.It was during her training in Denver that she realized her dream wasn’t to be a working actor, but to help actors find work.New York City and talent representation was where she knew she needed to be.


The Agent Night

Participating in a class is an educational experience and not an opportunity for future employment.

Meet 4 Legit Agents in 1 Night!

​Next Event:

December 5th

6 pm - 8:30 pm

​​Designed mainly for musical theatre actors, this night is unique among agent panel events in NYC. This is an opportunity to be seen by four legit NYC agents at once and get valuable feedback on how you are perceived by the industry - and maybe get an agent! We work with a wide variety of agents throughout the year giving you an opportunity to find your ideal agent/talent relationship and to learn important information about your presentation. This event takes place about 4 times a year.


"Just wanted to update you - I recently signed with Bob from ATB thanks to the Actor's Loft Agent Night!  Thanks for helping to facilitate this career move - greatly appreciated!"  - Carver Duncan

"I am now with John Shea at FBI on a freelance basis. Thank you so much for everything you do. It truly means a lot to us lowly actors. Thanks again!" - Darian Peer

"When I attended the Actors Loft "Agent Night" my expectations were passed. Mary, who runs the actors loft, was welcoming, warm and ran the workshop passionately.  The feedback I received from the agents were immensely helpful and encouraging. Because of this workshop I was signed by one of the four agencies that attended that night and now have an agent that I really resonate with and will help me further my career. I highly recommend taking this class, if not only for the feedback, it will make you as an actor really realize what YOU bring to the table and how the professional theatre community perceives you! Oh, and it was a BLAST!" - Lexi Lyric

"I received two responses from Actor's Night. After e-mailing and meeting with them both, I am currently freelancing with Zane at Daniel Hoff Agency whom I met at our Agent Night session. I appreciated the thoughtful responses from the other agents as well. No more do I have those sinking questions "how did I come across in the room" or "how do I read as a first impression", because all of those questions are answered in the Agent's feedback! Things are going well so far, so I am thankful that I was able to attend the evening (which was very much in my price range.) I have recommended your upcoming on-camera class to friends of mine and given several more recommendations for Agent Night, as well. Thank you for providing a great opportunity for actors to make this crucial connection!"  - Larry Owens

"I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome learning experience last night. I got some great feedback that I can take away and work on.  Ill be sure to recommend the class to friends who are looking for representation.  Ill be taking the Bob Cline session, so I'll look forward to working with you again soon!" - Samantha Disney

"The night was so streamlined, and very easygoing! The chance to run through the pieces beforehand in the space was invaluable for getting comfortable and for setting my nerves at ease! I really liked the comment forms distributed to the agents as well; the feedback was so great and informative. Thanks again for a great opportunity!" - Jocelyn Lonquist