Participating in a class is an educational experience and not an opportunity for future employment.


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Receive sides chosen by Meghan a couple of days before the class. You will perform your sides on-camera, receive feedback and read again. Footage will be sent to each actor after the class.

Meghan Raffertyis a casting director who, over the past 12 years has worked with some of the most respected directors, writers and producers in the television and film industry. You can find past and current credits on IMDB. Meghan is an actors' casting director.  She has taught in and around New York City- as well as universities and classrooms across the country.  Being an actor herself she knows first hand what it is like to be in front of the camera, and she shares those experiences with her students. Meghan understands all too well the challenges and frustrations that come with auditioning.  So with that comes from her unique career combination, a bit of assertiveness and compassion . . . and lots of humor she feels she is able to get the best out of an actor.  



On-Camera Workshop 

Meghan Rafferty - Meghan Rafferty Casting