Week 1: Learn your type

6:00 - 10:00 pm  
Topic of the Day: "EPA vs. ECC vs. Appointment Auditions"

​Class overview:
Prepare: (2) contrasting brief cuts that showcase your type and abilities. Bring your book in case we want to hear something additional. Bring a hardcopy h/r. A pianist will be provided – please have music clearly marked. Wear your favorite audition outfit. Also, please prepare a list of 5-10 roles that you can professional play. Actors will be coached and given direction on their song cuts. Following each actor, you will receive immediate feedback on all-facets of your mock audition, including: song selection, ability, headshot/resume, wardrobe, etc.…
This honest feedback will help to prepare you for the following weeks.

Homework: Having previously discussed material, please bring in (2) new audition cuts that are type appropriate mentioned from the previous class. Additionally, prepare any other material that was recommended.

Week 2:  Equity vs. non-Equity

6:00 - 10:00 pm  
Topic of the Day: “Perfecting Audition Material”

Class overview:
Actors will go through their previously assigned material and receive feedback on their voice, acting, preparation and how they read in a room. We will work together to fine-tune the material to help them shine.

Homework: Based on the work in weeks 1 and 2, actors will be assigned an audition packet for a role that they can realistically go in for. Actors will be provided with full scripts as a resource, if available. Actors must prepare the packet in its entirety in preparation for the mock auditions during week 3.

Week 3: Mock Audition

6:00 - 10:00 pm 
Topic of the Day: "Dos and Don’ts in an audition room and how to get and keep an agent"

Class overview:
In a true audition setting, actors will come in one at a time and perform the prepared material with a reader. Once everyone has finished, we will give notes and feedback on specific choices made to help them succeed on their next audition. Notes will include all things we covered over the previous weeks. They will finish this workshop knowing exactly how to nail an audition from wardrobe to song choice. They will move forward confident with specific acting choices and tricks and tips on how to shine in any room.

About Chad:
Chad Eric Murnane, CSA, is a Casting Director at Binder Casting working on theatre, television and film. Originally from Florida, he is a graduate of the CAP21 Musical Theatre Conservatory and an alumnus of Interlochen Arts Academy. His training as a theatre performer informs his approach to casting. Since Chad was once on the other side of the table, he is sensitive to creating a warm, friendly and positive audition environment. Chad is committed to diverse, inclusive and intelligent casting and has a passion for discovering new talent. His process eliminates artificial boundaries between theatre, television and film. He believes a great actor is a great actor. He understands
how to connect the commercial with the artistic, seeking polished, provocative artists that have the education and skill to deliver. Prior to joining the Binder Casting team, Chad cast with Lisa Fields, Marc Hirschfeld, Geralyn Flood, Barbara Florentino, April Webster and Erica Bream. Chad is a proud member of the Casting Society of America and Teamsters.

BINDER CASTING - Founded by Jay Binder, CSA in 1984, Binder Casting has cast over 80 Broadway productions, dozens of National Tours, several off-Broadway shows, seasons for over twenty-five regional theatres around the country, and Encores! At New York City Center since its inception in 1994. Twelve–time Artios Award winner. Part of RWS Entertainment Group. www.bindercasting.com

About Dave:
Dave Secor is the head of the theatrical department for the Daniel Hoff agency. He is a gradate from the University of Miami Theatre Conservatory. At Daniel Hoff, Dave has helped build his clients careers in TV, Film and Musical theatre for almost 13 years and currently has clients working on Broadway, National tours, regionally and internationally. As a huge musical theatre nerd and having been a former performer, Dave loves performers and is thrilled to be part of and watch their successes. Dave and the Daniel Hoff Agency is an Equity franchised company.

DANIEL HOFF AGENCY – Around for 25-years, the Daniel Hoff Agency is a bi-costal, boutique talent agency with offices in New York City and Los Angeles. We are a full-service agency that represents actors for theatre, television, film, commercials, print, music videos, industrials and infomercials.

Topics covered will include:
Audition attire, Choosing the right music cuts, Creating subtext in a song, Entering and leaving the audition room, Formatting an effective and concise resume, Headshots, How does the casting process happen?, How to find and agent and how to keep them?, Making a successful self-tape, NY vs LA,  Preparing side packets, Preparing your music, Putting together your audition book - what songs do I need?, Taking risks in the room, Talking to a pianist, What roles can I professional play?, What to do when you’re not working

Chad Eric Murnane and Dave Secor

Musical Theatre 360

A comprehensive 3-Week Intensive teaching you everything you need to know about how to succeed in Musical Theatre

​​3-Week Intensive


Musical Theatre 360 is a how-to guide, classroom style, 3-week intensive where actors will work one-on-one with Broadway industry professionals – Chad Eric Murnane, CSA (Casting Director at Binder Casting) and Dave Secor (NY Theatrical Agent at Daniel Hoff Agency) to sharpen their musical theatre audition skills. Actors will receive candid feedback, weekly career advice and insight on what really happens behind the audition table. The intensive is designed to unlock an actor’s full potential and to help them bring their own unique individuality into an audition and callback room. Why is Musical Theatre 360 different than any other class out there? Because in this three-week intensive, you’ll learn from both sides of “the other side.” In this class with both an agent and a casting director, you will gain an understanding of how they work together with and for actors, and the many ways their jobs are similar and different.

Participating in a class is an educational experience and not an opportunity for future employment.