Participating in a class is an educational experience and not an opportunity for future employment


Bob Cline - Bob Cline Casting

"I loved the workshop with Bob Cline, I thought Bob was EXTREMELY wonderful and laid back. As a dancer it's very nerve racking to sing and he was so approachable and made me believe it was possible to sing! I would certainly recommend it to friends. Thanks for the opportunity! Look forward to doing more workshops with the Actors' Loft in the future!" - Nikki Croker

"I received a lot of great feedback and really appreciated Bob's energy. My hope is to take it again!"  - Gretchen Dawson

"I absolutely LOVED my class with Bob!!! It helped me out so much. I was able to get new material as well as gain confidence in my current material. He's already brought me in for the national tour of Elf. He is such a positive influence. He really made me feel like I could succeed in this business." - Kate Zulauf

​"I loved Bob's class!  He is my favorite teacher to work with.  I cannot believe how much every single person in the class grew!  Bob makes the classes a lot of fun, yet we still learn a great deal!  Bob is a very gifted teacher and I am so happy that I took his class.  I hope to take it again in the near future!"  - Lisa Franklin

​"Be it in the classroom, out in public, or in the audition room, you're gonna run into the same Bob Cline: open, welcoming, and on your side. He's SO easy to work with and audition for, you can just let everything go and do you! He has a wealth of knowledge that will help fine tune your craft, while giving you the freedom to explore, think outside of the box, and make every item in your book your own. You never doubt that Bob is rooting for you to do your best and be the one!" - Christopher Michael McLamb

Agent Night
Just booked after the September 2018 Agent Night!

"Just wanted to update you - I recently signed with Bob from ATB thanks to the Actor's Loft Agent Night!  Thanks for helping to facilitate this career move - greatly appreciated!"  - Carver Duncan

Bookings from previous Agent Nights:

"I am now with John Shea at FBI on a freelance basis. Thank you so much for everything you do. It truly means a lot to us lowly actors. Thanks again!" - Darian Peer

"When I attended the Actors Loft "Agent Night" my expectations were passed. Mary, who runs the actors loft, was welcoming, warm and ran the workshop passionately.  The feedback I received from the agents were immensely helpful and encouraging. Because of this workshop I was signed by one of the four agencies that attended that night and now have an agent that I really resonate with and will help me further my career. I highly recommend taking this class, if not only for the feedback, it will make you as an actor really realize what YOU bring to the table and how the professional theatre community perceives you! Oh, and it was a BLAST!" - Lexi Lyric

"I received two responses from Actor's Night. After e-mailing and meeting with them both, I am currently freelancing with Zane at Daniel Hoff Agency whom I met at our Agent Night session. I appreciated the thoughtful responses from the other agents as well. No more do I have those sinking questions "how did I come across in the room" or "how do I read as a first impression", because all of those questions are answered in the Agent's feedback! Things are going well so far, so I am thankful that I was able to attend the evening (which was very much in my price range.) I have recommended your upcoming on-camera class to friends of mine and given several more recommendations for Agent Night, as well. Thank you for providing a great opportunity for actors to make this crucial connection!"  - Larry Owens

"I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome learning experience last night. I got some great feedback that I can take away and work on.  Ill be sure to recommend the class to friends who are looking for representation.  Ill be taking the Bob Cline session, so I'll look forward to working with you again soon!" - Samantha Disney

"The night was so streamlined, and very easygoing! The chance to run through the pieces beforehand in the space was invaluable for getting comfortable and for setting my nerves at ease! I really liked the comment forms distributed to the agents as well; the feedback was so great and informative. Thanks again for a great opportunity!" - Jocelyn Lonquist

Julie Schubert - Julie Schubert Casting

"Julie is so sweet, easy going  and made me feel safe at the workshop . She also gave me productive and specific  feedback. She has a good eye and good intentions. My friend told me about how wonderful she is, that I needed to meet her and  he wasn't wrong. Thanks to The Actor's Loft I got the chance to take a class with Julie."  - Venuz Delmar

"I found the class to be stress free and easily accessible.  This was the result of your ability to create a friendly environment as well as Julie's friendly ease in working with the actors.  I plan to attend other workshop in the future - for sure."   - Tim Connell

Lindsay Levine - Tara Rubin Casting

​"Lindsay was fantastic and gave some excellent and honest feedback to all involved. She got right to the point and gave everyone their appropriate time/attention while applying great industry advice to all."  - Brianne Keefe, Actor

"I haven't taken an Actors' Loft class in a long time but I do remember you always having wonderful guests.  Lindsay's class was better than expected!  The class size was perfect, accompanist top notch and Lindsay was truly invested in working with each of us. Thank you so much!" - Jennifer Diamond

"This class was an absolute delight. It was extremely informative. I appreciated how down to earth Lindsey was in her feedback, and that she engaged the other artists in her thinking process as they observed. Overall, it felt like a safe and joyful place to explore new or old material, laugh and learn. A pleasure to experience. In Gratitude" - Elias Wygodny

Kaitlin Shaw - Tara Rubin Casting

"Kaitlin is a STAR. She was so incredibly focused on every single person, gave very specific and helpful feedback, and was very honest and encouraging." - Matthew Petromilli

Merri Sugarman - Tara Rubin Casting
"I loved tonight's class.  Merri Sugarman was an absolute dream.  She connected with us in an adult and human way that doesn't always happen in a classroom setting.  I thought she gave constructive criticism that made sense with each individual.  It was a breath of fresh air. I'll definitely sign up for her class again!" -Michael Brown

"I really enjoyed (and learned) from watching others and seeing what works from a casting director's perspective. I have new inspiration for material that works for me." -Maggie Mae Dale

"The class was very beneficial and Merri was as wonderful as she could have been. I definitely did not expect a high up casting director to be as warm to actors as she is." - Elliot Lane

"Hail, Cesar! He rocks! Smart, insightful, gracious, direct and professional. Grateful to him and to The Actor's Loft for organizing this master class." - Higgins

Gayle Seay & Joel Carlton (Wojcik Seay Casting and CGF Talent)

​"They were excellent, you really felt they were passionate and cared about each participant involved in the workshop. They were thorough with their critique and helped you find your comfort in what best represents you." - Leajato Robinson

Erin Slovon - Mark Saks Casting

"I had a great time in the class and I plan on doing more with Actors' Loft in the future. You and Erin created a relaxed atmosphere that made it easy for us to do our best possible work." - Tom DeMichele

"I wanted to reiterate what a great time I had in Erin's class last night! My only feedback: can we have her back??! I would gladly take her class again through the Actors Loft!!" -Olivia Kinter​