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*Participating in an Actors' Loft workshop or class is not a guarantee future employment.

The Agent Night    

Meet 4 NY Legit Agents at once! Sing 2 contrasting audition cuts OR do a song and 1-minute monologue and receive written, detailed feedback.

Next Agent Night:  


6 - 8:30 pm


Class Format
Actors will arrive at 6 pm and run through their song(s) alone with the accompanist. Agents will arrive at 7 pm. Actors will reenter the room one at a time in the same order as they rehearsed, presenting their material to the Agents. Agents will be filling out feedback forms on each performer during and just after each performance. After all performers have been seen, everyone will reenter the room for a Q & A and feedback forms will be distributed. 

Each song must be an audition cut of approximately 32 bars and monologues should be no more than 1 minute. Each actor may do either 2 contrasting songs or 1 song and a monologue. 

Agent Panel for August 17th

Dave Secor - Daniel Hoff Agency
Dave Secor just celebrated his 10th year with the Daniel Hoff Agency as the head of the bi coastal Theatrical department. The agency has been around over 27 years and with a passion and respect for all actors has become incredibly successful. This boutique agency has clients working on almost every Broadway show, National tour and regional Theatre around the country. As one of the biggest musical theatre nerds, Dave Secor is excited to work with people of all types knowing there is a place for anyone exceptional.

Anna Fatica - DGRW Inc.
A high-profile Agency, their clients work on projects for all major television networks, both high budget and Indie films, and constantly find work on Broadway!

Ruthie Christianson - Professional Artists 
Ruthie is an ambitious agent who is actively seeking new talent. Before she transitioned into the agency world, she began her professional acting career at age 7 which led her to both coasts and across the nation. Ruthie first started working on the business side in the Minneapolis area from where she hails, before coming back out to NYC as an agent. She enjoys the opportunities to promote and protect the actors she believes in order to help them reach their full potential. Professional Artists clients can be seen in numerous Broadway shows, National Tours as well as TV and Film.  

Michael Goddard - CGF Talent
Michael Goddard is one of the partners at Carlton, Goddard and Freer Talent, Inc, which opened their doors five and a half years ago. CGF is a boutique agency specializing in all areas of legit representation. Clents have worked as principals on Broadway, Television and Film. His clients can be seen on all the television shows cast in New York (BLUE BLOODS, LUKE CAGE, RED OAKS, BILLIONS, and MADAM SECRETARY to name a few) as well as the Broadway shows (INDECENT, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, FROZEN, HELLO DOLLY and GROUNDHOG DAY).


"When I attended the Actors Loft "Agent Night" my expectations were passed. Mary, who runs the actors loft, was welcoming, warm and ran the workshop passionately.  The feedback I received from the agents were immensely helpful and encouraging. Because of this workshop I was signed by one of the four agencies that attended that night and now have an agent that I really resonate with and will help me further my career. I highly recommend taking this class, if not only for the feedback, it will make you as an actor really realize what YOU bring to the table and how the professional theatre community perceives you! Oh, and it was a BLAST!" - Lexi Lyric

"I received two responses from Actor's Night. After e-mailing and meeting with them both, I am currently freelancing with Zane at Daniel Hoff Agency whom I met at our Agent Night session. I appreciated the thoughtful responses from the other agents as well.  No more do I have those sinking questions "how did I come across in the room" or "how do I read as a first impression", because all of those questions are answered in the Agent's feedback! Things are going well so far, so I am thankful that I was able to attend the evening (which was very much in my price range.) I have recommended your upcoming on-camera class to friends of mine and given several more recommendations for Agent Night, as well. Thank you for providing a great opportunity for actors to make this crucial connection!"  - Larry Owens

"I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome learning experience last night. I got some great feedback that I can take away and work on.  Ill be sure to recommend the class to friends who are looking for representation.  Ill be taking the Bob Cline session, so I'll look forward to working with you again soon!" - Samantha Disney

"The night was so streamlined, and very easygoing! The chance to run through the pieces beforehand in the space was invaluable for getting comfortable and for setting my nerves at ease! I really liked the comment forms distributed to the agents as well; the feedback was so great and informative. Thanks again for a great opportunity!" - Jocelyn Lonquist



Participating in any Actors' Loft workshop or class is not a guarantee of future employment.